East Africa Bible College

The East Africa Bible College seeks to educate and empower men and women in ministry. Students are given biblical, theological and church leadership training in this 2-year diploma program in Eldoret, Kenya or in a certificate program through the local church. Students are from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Malawi, and South Africa.

Girls' and Women's Ministries

Through Girls’ and Women's Ministries, girls and women are reached with the life-changing message of the gospel through local small groups and regional ministry events. There are also facilitates training seminars for women in IPHC churches to connect with and minister to the girls in their communities.

Agricultural Ministry

We believe that agriculture is a powerful resource that can be used in conjunction with ministry particularly through 3 ways of spiritual, community, and economic development.

-Spiritual: The Bible uses agriculture terminology to illustrate many spiritual principles. We too can use these types of illustrations as we share the Gospel.

-Community: Agriculture crosses borders (race, religion, gender) and this gives us an opportunity to build relationships and community among all people.

-Economic: Agriculture is a driving force for many people around the world as a source of income and provision.

Local Church Ministry

We seek to work alongside pastors to encourage and assist with their ministry needs. Local church ministers all over the world are the front line of missions work as they reach their own community groups. These men and women of God have been and will continue to shepherd their congregations and we have the opportunity to partner alongside the ministry already begun around the world.


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